Bloomberg’s partnership with HPE creates inspiration everywhere

Jen Robinson

This week, Bloomberg Media Group launched the HPE Green Room: London as part of its new European headquarters – offering a unique window into how global collaboration and design thinking powers modern marketing partnerships.

The HPE Green Room is at once a defined, brand-infused space within Bloomberg’s new, first-of-its-kind television studio (where innovative leaders including Lloyds CEO Inga Beale and Doha Bank CEO Raghavan Seetharaman have already congregated) and much more. It is also flexible concept designed to exist wherever leaders gather, online or in person, through both experiences and content.

Lloyd's of London CEO Inga Beale offers candid reflections for the "Inspire <GO>" digital video series in Bloomberg's new state-of-the-art London studios. Photo: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

To begin with, the HPE Green Room: London (and the original in New York, launched in early 2016) hosts a daily flow of high-profile newsmakers, who then also share personal insights on “Inspire <GO>,” Bloomberg’s digital-exclusive video series – which is then shared across, social amplification and HPE brand channels. The space is designed to incorporate HPE brand elements and connections that become embedded within content wherever it’s consumed.

But it doesn’t stop there. For example, said HPE Director of Global Media Christopher Drago at a recent leadership Q&A session with Bloomberg Media Group Global Head of Marketing Amy Marks, “We’ve had some events with the Bloomberg team for other parts of our business, and people within those events have come into the Green Room and we’ve taped ‘Inspire <GO>’” on the spot with leaders attending the event.

The HPE Green Room: London incorporates HPE brand elements in the furnishings and decor. The glass-walled room features views of the surrounding City of London. Photo: Rob Dawson/Bloomberg

One such event was a Bloomberg BNA Sustainability Summit, where about a dozen speakers from global  organizations also shared wisdom for the “Inspire <GO>” digital video series. HPE also used the on-site green room to host meetings during the summit. This built-in flexibility matters more than ever as global organizations strive for conversations that are both consistent and relevant all around the world.

The HPE London Green Room also represents another vitally important aspect of today’s best-practices in marketing. It grows from a truly collaborative endeavor to build something new together.

Guests relax in the HPE Green Room: London. Bloomberg personalities also film live data checks against the backdrop of high-definition monitors displaying HPE imagery and animations. Photo: Rob Dawson/Bloomberg

Two years ago – when Hewlett Packard Enterprise was first launching its new brand identity as one of the world’s largest start-ups and the largest server provider on the planet – Bloomberg Media Group was also launching its flagship multimedia news show in the U.S., with star David Westin at the helm. That opportunity led to mutual creativity that has only grown stronger as both brands continue to evolve and innovate.

“We felt like this kind of partnership was a good way to get right in front of a very influential C-suite audience in an engaged way, and to do something beyond the standard,” said Drago in the Q&A session with Bloomberg’s Marks.

Initially, added Marks, “It wasn’t, ‘Oh, we have this Green Room.’ It was a sudden thought – ‘Wait, there’s this space. What could we do?” To share their vision of what the raw space could become, the Bloomberg team decided to create a VR rendering that would give the HPE team a fully imagined, immersive experience. That clicked for everyone.

“We brought our lead designers into the room with Bloomberg’s designers to exchange ideas,” said Drago.  There was openness on both sides, he added, which allowed the two companies to “create a space that’s branded, but still very comfortable.”

Now, he continued, “Bloomberg has built a beautiful new office space in London, we are now creating this Green Room space in their London studio as well.”

Bloomberg’s new London office is the the world’s most sustainable office building – and its new television studios are equipped with a host of eye-popping firsts, including curved ultra hi-resolution LED panels, pioneering video-delivery technology, and control rooms for studios from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur.

This global innovation is now allowing HPE to expand inspiring Green Room content across global voices and worldviews. That’s driving new conversations around key brand themes such as sustainability and digital transformation, as well as broadening awareness and engagement.

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