Bloomberg Media helps answer the question: Can business make society better?

This month, Bloomberg Media participated in four special episodes of a weekly podcast series produced by One Question. The series aims to help business leaders think differently and solve challenges by exploring a single question through multiple viewpoints.

To do that, One Question invites leaders from different industries and functions to discuss their perspectives — as well as how such conversations can inform building more sustainable and profitable businesses. The current series poses the question: Can business make society better? 

Experts from across the Bloomberg Media organization as well leaders from Audi, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Textile Exchange and C40 Cities weighed in, providing viewpoints across four distinct areas: Marketing, Regulation, Fashion and Environment. 

Listen at the links below, wherever you get your podcasts or on the One Question website!

Episode 1:
The Marketing Perspective

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Featured guests:
Anne Kawalerski, Chief Marketing Officer, Bloomberg Media
Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President, Audi Brand

Episode 2:
The Regulation Perspective
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Featured guests:
Maia Godemer, Research Analyst – Sustainable Finance, BloombergNEF
Jane Ambachtsheer, Global Head of Sustainability, BNP Paribas Asset Management

Episode 3:
The Fashion Perspective
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Featured guests:
Adeline Diab, Head of ESG & Thematic Investing, Bloomberg Intelligence
Claire Bergkamp, Chief Operating Officer, Textile Exchange

Episode 4:
The Environmental Perspective
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Featured guests:
Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green
Silvia Marcon, Head, Inclusive Action Global Leadership, Women4Climate