Bloomberg Media and Salesforce partner to create the Customer Centricity Index

Mirabella El Baze Villanueva

As a leader in powering customer-centricity for its customers, and with expectations today higher than ever, Salesforce came to Bloomberg Media to advance an actionable thought leadership platform around this timely and vital topic. 

In developing the Customer Centricity Index, Salesforce and Bloomberg Media sought to go beyond the subjective concept of customer-centricity by leveraging proprietary data to quantify and define what it means to be truly customer-centric in today’s environment.

The Customer Centricity Index ranks the top 100 leaders in customer-centricity across 5 distinct sectors: Financial Services, Retail, Communications, Health, and Manufacturing, enabling a deeper understanding around how different industries and brands are delivering on customer-centricity successfully – with brands like Bank of America, Starbucks, and AT&T making the list.

“As businesses quickly shift from crisis triage to recovery and adaptation, customer relationships have become the biggest competitive differentiator. Salesforce and Bloomberg Media are partnering to help companies uncover what it truly means to be customer-centric and turn trusted relationships into business value,” said Stephanie Buscemi, EVP and CMO, Salesforce.

Leveraging the Bloomberg Brand Health System – a proprietary, independent survey and construct designed by Bloomberg Media that has measured perceptions of 700+ brands from 12,000+ respondents to date – and using a data reduction technique, Bloomberg Media uncovered the underlying drivers that define customer-centricity from the perspective of C-Suite executives. The data led Bloomberg Media to discover the core components – 6 Success Factors – for a brand to excel in customer-centricity:

  1. Anticipates customers’ needs
  2. Delivers exceptional customer service
  3. Cares about customers
  4. Offers relevant products & services
  5. Easy to do business with
  6. Honest with the public

“Given Bloomberg Media’s heritage in data and Salesforce’s dedication to its customers’ needs, we were able to approach this much talked about topic in an entirely new way, by devising a first-of-its-kind methodology to assess performance. In doing so, we’ve embedded new, tangible meaning in what it actually takes to be customer-centric,and have given brands and marketers a new framework to assess their own customer-centricity performance and stand out among peers.” said Anne Kawalerski, Bloomberg Media’s Global Chief Marketing Officer.

See where your most beloved brands rank, by checking out the Customer Centricity Index today. Soon to come: a series of videos and articles profiling leading companies that made the list, and sharing critical insights derived from the Customer Centricity Index.

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