Bloomberg Media accelerates its growth in Asia

Jen Robinson

Parry Ravindranathan, International Managing Director, believes the media industry is being disrupted – but for him, that’s a good thing. “Traditional business models are being challenged,” he said recently in Mumbrella Asia, “and we look at it as an opportunity to innovate and capture our audience.”

Bloomberg Media International Managing Director Parry Ravindranathan. Photo: Samantha Sin for Bloomberg

Seizing that opportunity takes both personal commitment and innovative investment, he explained in the Mumbrella profile and in recent reporting on Bloomberg’s new Hong Kong television studio.

For Mumbrella, Ravindranathan detailed his approach:

“In my role, you have to be very passionate about what you do, but most importantly understand what your audience wants.  I’m first and foremost a content guy who thinks of the business, not the other way around.  And I think this is an important distinction. I believe if you don’t understand, consume and love the content, you can’t get the pulse of the business.”

“Here, we are in the midst of doing something truly innovative and exciting with Twitter and we are also experimenting with messaging apps and technologies of tomorrow like virtual reality and augmented reality. The media landscape is continuously evolving.”

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Bloomberg’s new Hong Kong television studio produces programs all over Asia. Photo: Samantha Sin for Bloomberg

For leading Asia trade publication Marketing Magazine, Ravindranathan explained why investing in a state-of-the-art television studio in Hong Kong feeds that approach:

The new look and feel, and the integration with the digital assets, will all provide better TV experience to our audience and those who are on Interactive TV, a data-driven television that is incorporated into the workflow of our terminal users.”

Bloomberg’s new Hong Kong Studio. Photo: Samantha Sin for Bloomberg

Take a 360° degree look at our new Hong Kong studio!

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