Bloomberg expands QuickTakes; concise, authoritative news guides now available for content licensing

Bloomberg is expanding its QuickTake franchise adding shorter, Q&A-style explainers to help readers quickly navigate breaking news and understand a story’s fundamentals as news develops. The company is also offering QuickTakes for content licensing.

Written by Bloomberg’s global team of journalists and experts in a concise, easy-to-read style, Bloomberg QuickTakes provide context on a wide variety of trends, topics and events as they emerge around the world. They are living pieces that are regularly updated as stories unfold.

The new QuickTake Q&As accompany breaking news stories to answer the questions readers may still have. For example, recent Q&As have explained the ins and outs of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail system, why investors are fleeing U.K. real estate funds post-Brexit and Puerto Rico’s biggest default in history.

According to a recent study by the Brookings Institution, one of Washington D.C.’s oldest think tanks, QuickTakes have established Bloomberg as a leader in explanatory journalism. Since launching, Bloomberg QuickTakes have covered nearly 300 subjects, ranging from negative interest rates to Abenomics to zombie banks to Alzheimer’s disease. General topics include: education, environment, finance, technology, medicine, public policy, politics and more.

A book version of QuickTakes is printed twice a year, and weekly videos are produced that appear on the Bloomberg terminal and the web.

Bloomberg also announced this week that QuickTakes are now available for content licensing as either a comprehensive package (including text, graphics, photo and video) or a standalone video package. For more information about how to license Bloomberg QuickTake content, please contact us.

QuickTake articles are available on the terminal at {NI QUICK <GO>}, {QUICK <GO>} and online at QuickTake Q&As can be found at {NI QUICKQA <GO>. A monthly compilation of the most timely QuickTakes, delivered via e-mail, is available free at {NI QUICKBRIEF <GO>} or at

– Lauren Meller | July 22, 2016