Bloomberg Announces New Global Broadcast Schedule to Deliver 24 Continuous Hours of Business and Financial News

Al Mayers, Head of Bloomberg TV and Radio, sent the following memo to staff today:

All Broadcast Staff:

As we move into the final quarter of 2016, Bloomberg Radio, TV and Bloomberg Media are working hard to achieve their programming and business goals for the year while planning ahead for 2017. 

We’ve always aimed to deliver 24 continuous hours of business and financial news globally, and you’ve heard me talk about the need to ensure our programming strategy capitalizes on all of the great talent, content, and resources throughout our organization around the world. 

We are now taking the next step towards realizing these goals so our programming truly “follows the sun,” as we like to say.

Starting Monday, we will begin a new global programming lineup across TV and Radio with a flagship global morning show called Bloomberg Daybreak that will broadcast from Bloomberg’s regional hubs in Hong Kong, London and New York.

Bloomberg Daybreak, provides a natural extension to the recently-launched Daybreak morning briefing for terminal customers, and our multi-platform approach allows our viewers and listeners to follow the latest market news and analysis on virtually any platform whenever and wherever they are in the world.

In each region, Bloomberg Daybreak will deliver the most pressing global business and financial news live during mornings from Hong Kong, London and New York. Yvonne Mann and Betty Liu will continue anchoring the existing Daybreak Asia from Hong Kong and New York. Manus Cranny and Anna Edwards will anchor Daybreak Europe from London and Jonathan Ferro, Alix Steel and David Westin will anchor Daybreak Americas from New York.

Bloomberg Daybreak programs will be followed by Bloomberg Markets programs from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to provide continuous coverage of global markets and carry viewers and listeners through each market day. 

Bloomberg Markets Asia will be hosted by Shery Ahn, David Ingles, Haidi Lun, Rishaad Salamat and Angie Lau. Bloomberg Markets Middle East will be hosted by Yousef El Gamal El-Din in Dubai and Angie Lau in Hong Kong. Bloomberg Markets EMEA will be hosted by Guy Johnson and Caroline Hyde, and Bloomberg Markets Americas will be hosted by Mark Barton, Scarlet Fu, David Gura and Vonnie Quinn.

Bloomberg Surveillance will continue to be hosted by Francine Lacqua from London and Tom Keene in New York, and the recently-renamed Bloomberg Technology, hosted by Emily Chang, will air daily from San Francisco. 

With All Due Respect, What’d You Miss? and Charlie Rose will continue in the same timeslots.

Bloomberg Radio continues to be the world leader in business and financial news. This year, we have seen the integration of content and talent from all of our news teams across the world, and more news-making interviews and events than any prior year, all while growing Bloomberg 99.1 in Washington DC, expanding our radio syndication business, and preparing to launch London Radio in Q4.

Our global radio lineup will draw on our TV broadcasts but also include these changes:

Following Bloomberg Daybreak Americas at 7AM EST will be Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene and David Gura. David began his career at NPR, first as an editor and producer, then as a reporter for The Two-Way, the network’s breaking news blog. Gura regularly contributed radio pieces to NPR’s flagship news magazines, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition. In addition to Surveillance, David will continue his anchoring role on television 12N-2PM weekdays as well as Businessweek TV/Radio on weekends.

As part of this change, Michael McKee will move to a full-time correspondent role for both radio and TV, covering business and economic news from around the world. Michael’s experience and enthusiasm for reporting stories as well as his in depth knowledge of the Fed resonates with our customers and is a key advantage for us. Michael will now be able to tell these stories multiple times a day across all of our platforms from the studio and on location in the field.

At 10AM EST, Pimm Fox will co-host a new 2-hour Bloomberg Markets block with Gadfly columnist Lisa Abramowicz. Pimm and Lisa will drive markets coverage for radio, joined daily by Bloomberg reporters and editors from Bloomberg News, Gadfly, View, and Intelligence.

At noon, Politics, Policy, and Power will kick off a 2 hour block of business, government, and legal discussion originating from our Bloomberg 99.1-FM studios in Washington, D.C. Amy Morris and Alan Bjerga host a daily one-hour version of their program featuring news, reporting, and analysis from Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Government (BGOV), and BNA. 

At 1PM, June Grasso and Michael Best welcome Greg Stohr from Bloomberg News as co-host for an expanded version of Bloomberg Law. Greg is one of our most seasoned reporters at Bloomberg and is recognized for his lead reporting on the Supreme Court, and we are excited to have him on radio in a more high-profile and consistent role.

Finally, at 2PM Carol Massar and Cory Johnson round out our U.S. Coverage with a 3-hour afternoon block of Bloomberg Markets. Carol and Cory bring their unique style and professionalism to afternoon drive in New York. The program will be strongly positioned to follow the day’s market action while giving more time and analysis to after-market big company earnings, especially in the technology sector. Kathleen Hays will move to a full-time multi-platform contributor role focusing on the Fed and economics in the Pac-Rim region for Daybreak Asia on both television and radio.

Along with the programming changes slated to take effect on October 10th, you will hear an updated sound package on our radio stations that will match our television presentation. This change aligns with our overarching goal of giving our listeners and viewers one experience whether they are in their cars or watching at home or in the office.

This year on TV, we have continued to make great progress working as one global team taking advantage of the reporting strengths and assets in our regional hubs of NY, London, and Hong Kong. We have taken a quantum leap integrating BN reporters,BI analysts, and terminal data into our presentation.

As part of the changes outlined above, we will roll out some cosmetic updates to the NY sets to provide a valuable tool presenting compelling news and data to our customers. We will also adjust our lineup to greater align with our global teams and The Bloomberg terminal.

Highlights of the TV changes are as follows:

Countdown becomes Bloomberg Daybreak Europe
On the Move becomes Bloomberg Markets Europe
Pulse becomes Bloomberg Surveillance
Bloomberg Go becomes Bloomberg Daybreak Americas
Trending Business becomes Bloomberg Markets Asia
Asia Edge becomes Bloomberg Markets Asia
Vonnie Quinn and Mark Barton will anchor 10A to 12P.
Vonnie Quinn and David Gura will anchor 12P to 2P
Scarlet Fu (and a journalist to be named soon) will anchor 2P-3:30P
Scarlet Fu, Joe Weisenthal, (and a journalist to be named soon) will anchor
3:30P to 5P
Michael McKee will become a global reporter covering economics, governmental affairs and world leaders.
Kathleen Hays will report on The Fed, global central banks, and breaking news for the US and Asia.
Matt Miller will relocate to Berlin to support additional coverage in the region.

Please join me in congratulating everyone on their new roles.

Below you will find our new weekday global radio and TV lineup in more detail. 

With the complexities of matching times and programs with a global schedule and translating it into a simple e-mail, I acknowledge a few programs and times in the regions may be different from this note. Below is the new schedule.


Monday-Friday (Eastern Time)
12a-1a (Bloomberg Markets Middle East)
1a-5a (Bloomberg Daybreak Europe)
5a-7a (Bloomberg Daybreak)
7a-10a (Bloomberg Surveillance)
10a-12p (Bloomberg Markets)
12p-1p (Politics, Policy, and Power)
1p-2p (Bloomberg Law)
2p-5p (Bloomberg Markets)
5p-6p (Bloomberg Best)
6p-10p (Bloomberg Daybreak Asia (Sun-Thu) Bloomberg Businessweek (Fri)
10p-11p (Charlie Rose)
11p-12a (Bloomberg Best)

TV US / Asia

12a-1a (Bloomberg Markets Middle East)
1a-2:30a (Bloomberg Daybreak Europe)
2:30a-4a (Bloomberg Markets European Open)
4a-7a (Bloomberg Surveillance)
7a-10a (Bloomberg Daybreak Americas)
10a-11a (Bloomberg Markets Americas)
11a-12p (Bloomberg Markets European Close)
12p-3:30p (Bloomberg Markets Americas)
3:30-5p (WDYM)
5p-6p (WADR)
6p-7p (Bloomberg Technology)
7p-8p (Charlie Rose) (Bloomberg Daybreak Asia)
8p-9p (WADR) (Bloomberg Daybreak Asia)
9p-10 (Bloomberg Markets Asia) (Bloomberg Markets Asia)
10p-11p (Charlie Rose) (Bloomberg Markets Asia)
11p-12a (Bloomberg Technology) (Bloomberg Markets Asia)