Sooner Than You Think: Money

This fall in New York, we’ll take a deep dive into the technologies that are changing how we spend, save and invest — indeed that are changing many of the basic assumptions of our daily lives including the very future of money itself.

From AI-enabled robo-investing to the implications for retail of a cashless world to the impact on monetary policy if and when governments move to digital tender, technological innovation is rapidly changing our relationship to money, creating major new opportunities but also creating poorly understood risks.

To explore these and other related topics, from the future of financial data security to the technological implications of a workforce delaying retirement, we’ll talk to the technologists, visionaries, founders, and entrepreneurs who are creating the future as well as the venture capitalists, hedge funds, banks and major financial institutions making big bets on how we’ll live our financial lives.

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Invitation-only settings convene industry leaders at the intersection of technology and money. Marquee event + Live Video Stream | October 15-16, 2018 | Brooklyn, New York
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